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DevOps Engineer (remote position)

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  • Full time
  • Keyko Services

Keyko is a Swiss based technology company focused on developing advanced solutions that promote the growth of Digital Ecosystems.

We offer unparalleled expertise in the creation and application of large scale Web3, cryptocurrency and data sharing technologies, and are a leader in data marketplaces leveraging decentralized open source platforms like Ethereum, Celo, Filecoin, Bancor, etc.

Keyko has a proven track record delivering complex Web3 and data sharing solutions encompassing access control, blockchains, smart contracts, Big Data, regulatory compliance, data governance and scalability.

With the knowledge, expertise, and proven success that Keyko offers, there is no competitive alternative on the global market for building advanced ecosystems.

We are looking for a new Sensei in our Dōjō: DevOps Engineer to help in the design, deployment, and monitoring of our new products and services.

Our new Sensei will be able to work independently, liaising between technology and business. The Sensei must be driven to succeed, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and work well within the team.

Enter our Dōjō

  • We are a Digital Ecosystems company looking to change the world!
  • We are driven by our belief in Open Source to create communal value for all participants.
  • We definitely take a technical orientation to everything we do, but we’re also business savvy and combine both to develop and realize true change agents.
  • We are working to make the promise of Web3 a reality by merging legacy Web2 with new solutions.
  • We like to think we’re pretty cool and fun… ;)

Responsibilities of our new Sensei

  • Build technical solutions for Keyko and our partners through solution definition by encapsulating requirements, developing roadmaps, and understanding solution roll out needs.
  • Display an understanding of engineering backlogs and requirements gathering that help establish and oversee commitment to technical priorities.
  • Understand how to incorporate specifications from business and product owners into engineering designs.
  • Design, deploy and monitor novel solutions, products, and ventures.
  • Perform development and maintenance / support tasks on solutions.
  • Identify gaps in solution designs and be able to recommend solutions.

Your obi (belt) designates

  • Ability to work as a teammate for the good of the Dōjō.
  • Over 5 years of experience as DevOps engineer.
  • Experience with DevOps cultural principles, practices and technologies.
  • Experience managing Linux system administration.
  • Experience managing containerized solutions using Docker, Kubernetes and Helm.
  • Experience with some automation tool (Terraform, Ansible, or some other tool).
  • Experience with some public cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, or any other).
  • Relevant experience monitoring infra and apps using Grafana and Prometheus.
  • Ability to automate deployments using a programming language.

Your obi (belt) may also designate

  • Experience with continuous delivery on Kubernetes (GitOps based - Argo CD, Flux).
  • Experience with Typescript, Go, Python, or any other high level language.
  • Experience with other coding languages and frameworks.
  • Experience with databases or search engines like PostgreSql / MongoDB / ElasticSearch.

What’s in the Dōjō?

  • Competitive compensation.
  • Work remote first model.
  • Offsites, live events for the different teams (Lisbon, Berlin, Zurich, Spain).
  • Fantastic teammates!